Opus Chairs

Opus Musicians Chairs and Seating™

Opus – Available exclusively from Acoustic GRG and manufactured in the United Kingdom.

The Opus range of musician’s seating and stools was designed by Richard Snell and David Rowe, in collaboration with Birmingham University. Design is always led by a guiding principle and the Opus range is no different.

Key design elements of the Opus Musician posture chairs:

  1. Specific lumbar and back support to prevent discomfort and compression problems
  2. Seating with reflex foam
  3. Optimum comfort and fluid movement for rehearsing or performing.
  4. Acoustic back panel to enhance performance on stage
  5. Original Waterfall edges to allow greater movement and musician placement
  6. Able to stack or be stored on moveable trolley

The application of these principles results in seating that promotes and encourages both correct posture, comfort and fluid movement for professional and amateur musicians alike, enabling performers to play at their best for hours by relieving repetitive strain injury. Three standard seat heights for the chairs and adjustability on Percussion and Bass stools. Tried and tested by hundreds of musicians over 20 years. Available in many standard fabric colours or bespoke fabric choices on request.