Product Brand: DeAmp

Country of Manufacture: Norway

Products Available:

  • Deamp Microslit Acrylic Fibre-Free Absorbing panel
  • Deamp Microslit Aluminium Ceiling Tile
  • Deamp Microslit Box Absorber

The DeAmp range.

DeAmp offers a low cost, effective absorbing panel which is transparent and suitable for use over glass for an attractive result in any space. The fibre free acoustic ceilings, walls and transparent window coverings are available in hard materials and provide an acoustic solution for customers with a desire for a clean, unaltered design, visual transparency, high acoustic performance and a healthier indoor environment. 

Provided are fiber free acoustic ceilings and walls in hard materials like metal and plastic. We offer the most affordable solution covering all demands for customers with a desire for smart design, high acoustic quality and a healthier indoor environment.

These absorbers are perfect for use in facilities with extensive use of glass, concrete and other hard surfaces. Our panels can be mounted on the wall, or in front of windows, pictures or light sources. It is also possible to print directly on the panels. The panels will blend into the environment without changing the visual impression of the locale. Since no soft material is needed to be hidden behind a front cover the panels can come as the only truly transparent acoustic sound absorber that keeps high acoustic absorption.

• NRC – 0.5 to 0.55 in single layers
• Plastic and metal panel options
• Transparent, coloured or printed
• Fiber free – non emitting materials
• Patented tunable technology
• High end reference list
• Hardware installation guidance
• No moisture restrictions
• 1% perforations

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