Wells Cathedral School

We were specified to manufacture and install a wide range of acoustic panels for the different needs of this new school.

Recital Hall
Walls: Timber strip panelling
Walls: Variable Acoustic Panel System comprising heavy timber doors for reflection, which can be opened to provide additional absorption, allowing the acoustic properties of the space to be changed to suite the use.  System install with fully operable motor control system.

Control Room
Ceiling: Black BAD Panels
Walls: White Modex Plates

Studio Room
Walls: White Modex Plate

Ceiling: White Baffles

Ensemble Area within Foyer
Ceiling: White Baffles

1x Practice Room
Walls: Oak Flutterfree wood panels
Ceiling: Red BAD Panels

1x Practice Room
Walls: White Modex Plate
Ceiling: Red BAD panels

2x Observation Rooms
Wall: White wooden strip