Absorber Baffle


Sound can either be absorbed, reflected or diffused. In many rooms, flat reflective surfaces can cause interfering reflections and excessive reverberation, which corrupts music quality, speech clarity and general hearing comfort. One approach to controlling these reflections and excess reverberation time is to use absorptive panels. RPG have developed a simple and cheap method of fixing these panels which allows easy mounting and de-mounting of Absorber Baffles.

The fabric wrapped, fiberglass acoustical panel is the work horse of the industry, providing the most economical solution for general reflection and reverberation control to provide functionality for a wide variety of applications. The Absorber Baffle is a rigid fibreglass board with hardened, square or shaped edges. Select from 25 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm and 100 mm thicknesses and up to 120 mm wide by 240 mm high panel sizes.

We also can offer the Absorber Baffle in 2 new configurations, Double Sided Acoustic Baffle and Single Baffle.

Custom option of personalising your space with a high res image to be digitally printed onto the fabric panel.