Bad Expo

The Bad Expo panel system is the ultimate synergy of acoustical technology and architectural panel design. Utilising an optimal binary pattern of perforations through a Class 1 fire rated, FSC certified wood panel, the Expo™ achieves an excellent balance of sound absorption across the NRC frequency bands while preserving the ambience of the space with high frequency diffusion.

Visually stunning, RPG Bad Expo is an exposed-face BAD panel. It acts as a combination absorber and diffuser, offering diffusion over 1khz and increased absorption below.

Fabric is used behind the perforated face and can be chosen from our standard range of fabrics including Expo Felt, Lucia and Cara. We can source a wide range of veneers, please contact us for prices.

Available in sizes from 600 x 600 to 3000 x 1200 mm, the panels are supplied as a panel mask, for mounting by others, or as a framed unit, with a 25mm or 50mm backing frame.

Mounting thinner panels on deeper battens can increase performance further and help to control budgets.
A wide range of veneers are available, as well as colour-through MDF and painted finish options.