Product Brand: TNA

Country of Manufacture: Italy

Over the last 15 years Acoustic GRG have been supplying and installing class leading monolithic acoustic plaster systems to provide high quality, invisible, plaster-like acoustical finishes.

As part of our policy of innovation and improvement, we are now pleased to introduce a New system to the UK market that offers a number of benefits for the installer, the contractor and the client.

Harmony through acoustic design!
The TNA acoustic plaster system is suitable for all environments where there is a need for an acoustic treatment in order to reduce sound reverberation and noise, such as residential units, conference rooms, galleries, restaurants, concert halls, offices, theatres, halls and receptions, classrooms, airports, churches, cinema etc.

Equilibrium – Improve listening, reduce noise
The basic modules for measuring the acoustic environment are the human ear and voice.
A noisy environment raises both mental and physical stress levels. TNA can solve these issues,

Monolithic – Continuous surface
TNA provides a single surface, perfectly homogeneous, without interruptions or joints, also has the advantage of being compact, solid and, therefore, durable.

Innovation – Sanitation of environments
Biotechnology at the service of acoustics, integrated ionizing technology thanks to the ionizing component generates negative ions that sanitize environments.

Acoustic ecology and eco-sustainable acoustic design.
Noise is a waste of energy. TNA responds with sustainable materials: made up of 80% recycled materials such as glass, marble chips and ceramics

TNA systems allow you to reduce the reverberation time of all specific speech frequencies.
It will thus be possible to separate the sounds from the reverbs obtaining greater clarity and intelligibility of the sounds.

We have a technical R&D staff to combine innovative and sustainable materials for sound absorbing finishes.
The system also lends itself to conservation interventions of the state of affairs in historic and prestigious buildings.