The fabric wrapped, fibreglass acoustical panel is the work horse of the industry, providing the most economical solution for general reflection and reverberation control to provide functionality for a wide variety of applications. The Absorber Panel is a 96.11 / m3 rigid fibreglass board with hardened, square or shaped edges. Select from 25 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm and 100 mm thicknesses and up to 100 mm wide by 200 mm high panel sizes.

The Absorber Panel can be wrapped in any of several panel fabrics offered in the industry that have appropriate acoustical attributes. RPG recommends Cara or Lucia from Camira, but other fabric choices are available. Custom option of personalising your space with a high res image to be digitally printed onto the fabric disc

Absorber Panels can be easily and quickly hung on any wall surface using RPG’s Impalit™ clip. For ceiling applications, the panels can be either direct mounted with Z-bar attachments or suspended using a cloud anchor kit. Panels can also be configured to install in a standard T-bar grid.