Product Brand: P:VAD

Country of Manufacture: UK

Products Available:

  • Portable Variable Acoustic Device

Created by acoustician Anthony Frost, the award winning Portable Variable Acoustics Device (P:VAD) is a flexible acoustic box that absorbs and diffuses sound to address the problems created by unwanted frequencies, everywhere from professional recording environments to home cinemas and studios.

Constructed from plywood and insulated with sheep’s wool in the box cavity, P:VAD uses sustainable materials to deliver a solution that allows complete flexibility in dealing with the unique acoustic characteristics of any space. Used as a standalone device or configured in multiples, P:VAD adds a precise level of control for professional recording, playback and performance spaces, as well as in the home environment for the discerning audiophile.

P:VAD portability affords users easy transportation of highly effective acoustic treatment, opening up
a world of possibilities for a huge range of spaces and applications where permanent installation is not possible.

The P:VAD absorbs down to 63Hz/80Hz, and with multiple devices (x3), the use of the plug-in will take the absorption down to 40Hz/50Hz. The larger the space, the more devices are required for effective sound control, so where 2 or 3 will suffice for a small to medium size control room, proportionally more devices will be required for larger spaces.

Download the P:VAD data sheet.