The BAD Arc is an advancement on the traditional, flat BAD Panel, a synergy of advanced acoustical technology and simplicity of design for when performance is paramount. Using an optimal binary pattern of perforations through a Class A fire rated, curved rigid template, the BAD Arc achieves an excellent balance of sound absorption across the NRC frequency bands while preserving the ambience of the space. This unique hybrid technology eliminates excessive high frequency absorption, transitions to a scattering surface in the very high frequencies, prevents lobbing inherent in common perforated surfaces and significantly improves mid and low frequency absorption.


Select from industry standard and custom fabrics, fabrics with proof of performance acoustical data preferred.


BAD™ Arcs can be easily and quickly hung on any wall surface using RPG’s Impalit™ clip. For ceiling applications, the panels can be either direct mounted with Z-bar attachments or suspended using a cloud anchor kit.